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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


better leave while you can

my nightmare

sure, all fall out boy all the time is certainly a nightmare of mine. which is why i am saddened and terrified that i cannot stop listening to their cover of beat it. i think i'm ill. it's a very accessable, by-the-book version, if you enjoy the pop-punk as i do, you will likely devour it.

i just fracking found out that i missed mike doughty at the southgate house last week. argh!

so kyle noe and doan tran are engaged and we got the chance to go to a traditional vietnamese engagement party. lots of protocol and formality, and oh yeah, i obliterated a plastic patio chair. scooted backwards a little too fast and it exploded. really helped with the romantic, familial mood that was going on.


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

dude! had no idea you liked mike doughty or I totally would have called you. it rocked! there was a taper there, I'm hoping it goes up on archive.org soon.

Anonymous Tuan Rahmand Says:

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thx dude :)

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Anonymous vi Says:

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