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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


your arm in mine here near midnight

"i consider the true history of the american revolution and the establishment of our present constitution as lost forever."
- john adams, in a letter to hezekiah niles

maybe adams was right... i certainly feel a little more enlightened and a lot more grateful, though, after this extraordinary series. easily the most visceral, intelligent, real tale of the revolution and one of its central figures. while a little tedious around the middle, the series otherwise doled out steady nuggets of fascinating, well-written accounts of american history. i think this is a series i will revisit regularly. i fell apart when abigail died, of course, fairly typical for me during scenes where a great love is lost (i doubt i could watch the fountain again, for example).

i modified jamie oliver's recipe for steak, guinness and cheese pie a bit today - used cast-iron for the stewing, swapped out rosemary for basil + parsley, got rid of most of the cheese, added red potatoes.,, i also found that the liquid didn't thicken or reduce as much as i expected - but it worked great after being extracted, gravy-fied and re-added to the meat + veggies (and i do think guinness gravy could complement a bunch of other dishes). i've always wanted to make a steak pie as delicious as dad's... i think i came close today.


for this post

Blogger B-Call Says:

Other possible titles for last nights episode:
"Grumpy Old Man",
"Oodles of Death" or
"Most Depressing Hour Ever".

Blogger Renee Says:

I saw that episode of Jamie at Home and wanted that recipe.


I don't think I've had Dad's.


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