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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


marvelous night for a moondance

this was on duebber's, and i loved the idea, so i stole it.

iTunes Survey

Directions: Open iTunes and answer, no matter how embarassing...

How many songs: 4786

Sort by song title...
First song: "'Merican" - Descendents
Last song: "Zero Chance" - Soundgarden

Sort by time...
Shortest Song: 0:04 "Shut Up" - Five Iron Frenzy
Longest Song (non-sermon): 26:52 "Bathtub Gin" - Phish, Live 2/22/03

Sort by album...
First Song: "The Watcher" - Dr. Dre, 2001
Last Song: "Train Of Consequenses" - Megadeth, Youthanasia

Top 5 Most Played Songs...
1. "The Feel Good Drag" - Anberlin, Never Take Friendship Personal (11)
2. "Bad Marriage" - Craig's Brother, E.P.idemic (9)
3. "Just Tonight..." - JimmY Eat World, Futures (9)
4. "The Sound" - Further Seems Forever, How To Start A Fire (8)
5. "After You're Gone" - Blindside, About A Burning Fire (8)

First 5 songs that come up on Shuffle...
1. "Family Business" - The Fugees, The Score
2. "Grey's Groove" - Greyboy, September Sessions
3. "As Lovers Go" - Dashboard Confessional, A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar
4. "I Believe In You" - Snoop Dogg, Paid Tha Cost To Be Tha Boss
5. "Angel" - Slick Shoes, Wake Up Screaming

1. "Sex"--How many songs come up: 7 - "Sexy" - The Black Eyed Peas, "Sexy Plexi" - Jack Johnson, "Sex Type Thing" - STP, "Sex And Violence" - STP, "Do You Think I'm Sexy" - Rod Stewart / N-Trance (A Night At The Roxbury soundtrack, fear it), "Tired Of Sex", Weezer
2. "Death"--How many songs come up: 38 - AFI, Dr. Dre, Our Lady Peace, Weezer, etc. and Biggie's "Life After Death" album
3. "Love"--How many songs come up: 182
4. "You"--How many songs come up: 431
5. "love" and "you" --How many songs come up: 32
6. "trap" -- How many songs come up: 2 - "Into The Trap", John Williams, Star Wars Trilogy, and "Snappin' And Trappin'", Outkast, Stankonia

(Good thing my guilty pleasure, Pat Benetar's Treat Me Right, didn't come up)


for this post

Blogger scott d Says:

I need to remedy the problem that is STP not being on my iPod. Thanks for bringing this unbeknownst-to-me problem to my attention.

Blogger B-Call Says:

yes you do. they were my favorite high school band. hands down.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

purple = still in my top five albums of all time

Blogger Rob Says:

very nice and very impressive.

Blogger Bragg Says:

Man, I wish I had a machine that could handle itunes. soon enough...

Blogger Nickolini Says:

You better believe I gots some STP on my iPod. Scott Weiland is the model of the functioning drug addict. Don't let the man get you down Scottie....and stay on the stuff...you make better music that way.

Blogger B-Call Says:


Blogger Davie Says:

don't they all?

Blogger ryanham Says:

I know I do...

Wait..did I say that out loud?

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

we mentioned this after nin on saturday... i'm glad trent is sober and clean and now going to actually be alive to create music... but man, the guy created much more compelling art when he was a junkie.


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