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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


collision is such an ugly sound

b and i made the trek up to the DAY to see paramore + jimmy eat world last night. not many artists are worth a drive longer than 30 minutes these days; though to cross another band off of the "see before i die" list is always motivation enough.

paramore was forgettable... the teen girl squad was out in force to shriek every time hayley williams scampered across the stage, and so the hannah montana vibe sort of elbowed out any chance of hearing or appreciating the handful of their generic pop-punk tracks that i enjoy.

jimmy's 90 minute set was thoroughly satisfying, OTOH. they nailed my dream setlist, hanging out in the last four albums fairly consistently, playing:

- crush, blister and your new aesthetic from clarity
- bleed american, a praise chorus, hear you me, sweetness, and the middle from bleed american
- futures, just tonight, work, 23, and pain from futures
- big casino, let it happen, always be, here it goes and dizzy from chase this light

unfortunately they dropped the tuning of the three songs at the end of the main set, before the encore (just tonight/bleed american/pain) and they sounded pretty bad.

i do find it interesting how hearing some songs live makes me enjoy the studio versions more afterwards - 23 and dizzy are good examples, i felt they were kind of boring before last night; today listening to them is a very different experience. since i don't enjoy standing in one place, being shoved by ten people way inside my circle of comfort, and having my ears hurt for eighteen hours like i did ten years ago, i think a renewed appreciation for parts of an artists' catalog is one of the only reasons i go to shows anymore. anyway, pix are here.


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