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right behind what's happening

i really couldn't miss botcon when it was fifteen minutes away, and call myself a transformers fan. if for no other reason than to tell my kids that i went once. i guess. doubt they'd care.

it was a letdown, of course, but really the only way the event could have satisfied me was if i walked in the door to be personally greeted by peter cullen, frank welker and chris latta (which would have been impressive since he passed away fourteen years ago). it was 95% dudes selling toys and memorabilia... gratefully i didn't have much cash on me or i might have a gen-1 megatron or starscream in my hands. there were some comic artists and illustrators from the new series signing autographs, as well as drawing classes, a "film fest" (i.e. a dvd player, a tv and a dvd boxset of beast wars) and a fan-art competition.

(i am definitely picking up a tf:animated starscream in june when they come out - prerelease versions were up there and they look sweet)

there were a ton of true fans there, though. their passion was tangible (and quite contagious). a bunch of them had their kids along and you could see them bonding over the experience. there are some pix up here...


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Blogger DJ Hotlunch Says:

How can there be no pictures of guys dressed up like O.P. or Bumblebee or even Soundwave (my boy)?

Blogger Simon Says:

Starscream's a punk-A bi-otch. Why you want him anyway?


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