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a world that won't stop burning

after watching harold & kumar this weekend (mostly funny) i realized how rare trips to the movie theater have been in the past year or two... obviously the just-under-$10 tickets have dampened my moviegoing spirit, but so has the lackluster menu. remember when we used to do a few midnight showings a year? it's certainly been a long time since anything was worthy of late-night devotion... i remember in 2005, after revenge of the sith and batman begin i thought, we'll never have another year of marqee titles i will care about again...

except 2008 is chock full of 'em. behold:

- indiana jones 4, may 22. it's been almost twenty years since the last crusade, and in that time i grew to love the trilogy's stories almost as much as star wars or the lord of the rings. so this new one feels like coming home.

- the dark knight, july 18. duh. nolan's begins has edged out burton's first as my favorite superhero flick, and i certainly didn't think he could outdo himself. it'll be a masterpiece.

- x-files 2, july 25. the long-forgotten series fits well in the context of a film, and so even though this one won't tell more of the alien conspiracy mytharc, i know chris carter will tell a great story, and i still hold a place in my heart for mulder + scully. and john doggett, haters shove off, yaahh trick!

- star wars: the clone wars, august 15. there is potential here... i really liked genndy tartakovsky's animated series, seems that the star wars universe can make for great cartoons. plus, lucas isn't writing or directing it, so that's at least one plus.

- quantum of solace, november 8. my initial "meh" towards daniel craig's bond and casino royale in general has faded - i have reluctantly accepted the new guy - and so i'm eager to see him in a full-fledged role. and this one starts right after the last one. continuity, intriguing...

on top of those, i will likely check out iron man, even though i know nothing about the comics - solely because downey looks like a trip... pineapple express, which i first heard of friday, could be the funniest thing i see all year...get smart may come in as a close second... shyamalan's the happening will get a courtesy watch, but i was so let down by lady in the water that i am now pretty hesitant... and tropic thunder's cast and plot are pretty appealing.

what looks good to you?


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Blogger Rob Says:

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger Rob Says:

Dave pointed out this new poster...its excellent


Blogger Rob Says:

i cant get the link to work....*sigh*

Blogger B-Call Says:

dude, you totally just DeBoe'd Simon's Annual Summer Movie Preview.
beware the wrath of Simon.

Dark Knight and Indy are must sees. everything else is secondary and i'll probably wait until they're rentable.
Pineapple Express didn't look good when i watched the clip that's on my Superbad dvd, but after seeing that preview Friday... WOW!

Blogger B-Call Says:

oh yeah, and any movie with the word "Quantum" in it that doesn't include Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell and Ziggy is a scam.

Blogger B-Call Says:

i thought those Rick Rolls were Lee Harvey Oswold Rolls for a minute.

Blogger Simon Says:

Yeah JERK! You totally jumped the gun! I will KILL YOU! I have been collecting info for weeks getting ready to drop the "Most Anticipated Post Of The Year" (probably by Brain only)
You, my friend, earn the deutsch bag of the week award...
Don't you know I usually drop the annual "Movies Simon Says You Should See" at the beginning of May!
Sheesh Justin, pay attention. Do I go around stealing your thunder on video game reviews or reviews of the newest albums? Nope, I leave it to you my friend...now you must pay!!!

Blogger Darren Says:

I've been told by pretty much everyone I know who has seen "Baby Mama" that this movie is one of the funniest movies in the past 5 years. I am usually pretty hesitiant about SNL movies these days, but rarely do I hear so many people have great things to say about any movie. I may check it out this weekend.

Wii Mario Kart is alright. I like the additions they made from the Game Cube version.

Blogger Nickolini Says:

Jaylene and I saw "Baby Mama" on Fri. night and both liked it.

Should I buy Mario Kart?

Blogger Darren Says:

Come on by to check Wii Mario Kart out. You may love it, but using the wheel is very different.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

simon - should i call the waaahmbulance for you? just write a better one, it shouldn't be hard.

so no real desire to pick up mario kart wii... but that's probably because i've been playing the series for fifteen years and i think i've seen enough.

Blogger ryanham Says:

As if July 18th didn't seem far enough way, I'd like to go ahead and post this reminder to everyone:

G.I. Joe is set to open on Aug 7th 2009. Happy birthday to me!


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