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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


below the blanket of a burning sky

eric (at least i think it was him) threw a comment below about adrian graduating soon and being pretty high in his class... as in, dude is valedictorian... i am crazy proud that he has done so well - while working, getting his eagle, running, playing soccer, learning to play guitar in Rock Band on expert, and dating a girl. seriously he's like ten awesome people duct-taped together, a true renaissance man.

we've changed closing dates like four times on our place. it appears the deal is happening may 29th now. we start painting the following week, and then move some small stuff, and movers show up june 16 to get everything else.

i think i am close to shutting this particular site down. i'm shocked it's taken me this long to lose interest, honestly...


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Blogger Artie Says:

Thinking of shutting down your blog? Say it ain't so.


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