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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


your revolution is a silly idea

it's weird being one of the only gamers i know not playing grand theft auto IV. any game with scores this high i generally check out on principle, and i am a little intrigued by the gameplay and visuals. i've never been a huge follower of the series, though, and i'm not sure if it's because of the stigma behind it (as the most immoral thing ever created by man) or because i usually get into less mundane stuff. not that it's boring, but it's too real. i don't need a simulation of a real city, real cars, people, etc... probably why i enjoy scifi so much.

i'm actually excited about decking out one room in our new place - the office. i had this idea while in college but never followed through (the transformers: the movie poster was sufficient): a dozen or so of my favorite album covers, hi-res and in black and white, in black frames. when i say favorite, that's in terms of the artistic quality, the ones that really capture the mood of the album, that reconnect you with the emotional state you're in when you're listening to it, or where you were when you first listened to it.

i knew a few of the ones i wanted right away - physical graffiti, purple, who's next, ghosts - but there are a bunch of others i am juggling around. i put the candidates so far up here. so tell me about your favorite album covers - why do you like 'em?


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Blogger Bragg Says:

Tom Petty's Wildflowers Album? I agree with every one of those, except I'm missing the artistic portion of the album...

I know I'm no artist, but really?

Blogger Darren Says:

To be fair, Tracy Morgan's character invited a porn video game on 30 Rock that seems worse than Grand Theft.

Blogger ryanham Says:


Blogger Justin Hall Says:

yeah, i don't really know why i like wildflowers' cover so much. it evokes a peacefulness... but i can't pinpoint a real cause in my memory... thought about full moon fever, too, musically it is far better, but there's a great example of a cover that does nothing for me.

OpenID dansmyth Says:

top 5:
physical graffitti - for it's contrast, stark setting

axis: bold as love - color, beauty, ripping off hinduism

led zep 3 - oddness, color, i could stare at it all day and still not know everything that went into it

jimmy eat world - simplicity, tone, possibilities

starting line direction - vivid color, the way it changes your perspective

ones you should have included:
iron & wine's our endless numbered days. it's so chilled out and calming.

alexi murdoch's time without consequence - simplicity, straight shot which is unusual

over the rhine's drunkards prayer because of the detail, and because my friend shot the photo

galactic - coolin' off

edison glass - time is fiction

gomez - abandanded shopping trolley hotline

just some ideas..

Blogger Nickolini Says:

You already included a lot of albums I would have chosen....but here are a few I like:


Modest Mouse

Collective Soul


Elton John



Blogger Renee Says:

One of the KMFDM. I really like the artwork on their albums.

Blogger Renee Says:

One of the KMFDM. I really like the artwork on their albums.

Blogger B-Call Says:

its hard for me to pick because the artwork on all my cassette cases are so small.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Justin--I don't have your e-mail to forward this to, so I just cut-and-pasted it. See below for info on your brother being recognized for being smart as crap. I thought you may want to go.

Northwest High School would like to announce our Senior Honors academic recognition ceremony. On Wednesday, May 21, at 7:00 p.m. we will host our Senior Honors Recognition Night. During this special evening we will recognize the following students who have earned:

Summa Cum Laude:
Kristen Gardner (University of Cincinnati)
Adrian Hall (Ohio State)

Magna Cum Laude:
Mallorie Agin (University of Cincinnati)
William Cousett (University of Cincinnati)
Danielle Smith (Blue Ridge School of the Profit)
Jessica Sullivan (Undecided at this time)
Jennifer Walton (John Hopkins University)

As we do each year these students will be recognized for their outstanding accomplishments, and also announce the college they will attend next year. Similar to Colerain the majority of these students have come through the NWLSD educational system and we are very proud of their achievements. Please take time to come and share this wonderful evening with our senior students and their families to hear about their choices for the future. We will also celebrate the Class of 2008 who earned over 1/2 million dollars in scholarships to institutions all over the United States. Please Join us in our celebration of Northwest High School PRIDE!


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