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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


call your bluff like it had a phone number

really enjoyed this lengthy but compelling talk from evan griffin on personal change from a spiritual perspective, a topic that has long perplexed me and yet no one ever seems to speak practically on. i kind of miss hearing this type of stuff from navs/younglife leadership. i guess NKY younglife records messages weekly and posts it... great idea...

our family went up to check out mesh for my mom's birthday last night - an honest-to-goodness new restaurant in cincy, amazing - incredible atmosphere and decor, great food but mega pricey... and they were a little misleading about it... i probably wouldn't have gotten side dishes, for example, had our waitress not made it sound like they were included with dinner. i did enjoy them (basil bisque - like a mild creamy soup made of pesto, and a spinach & mushroom risotto in which i couldn't quite locate any mushroom) as well as the special, the most sophisticated walleye i've ever had.


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