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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


your polaroid is on the wall

i'm always up for a good superhero flick... good being operative here, and the ones i've enjoyed since the genre exploded early this decade (the first two x-men films, superman returns and batman begins) are the ones i knew at least a little about. although i wasn't ever a comic junkie, the genre has appearled to me, but i've avoided the punishers and fantastic fours because i can recognize when a film has nothing to say to me, and it's purely a product of marketing.

normally iron man would have fallen into that category - and i think i'm glad that i knew nothing about the series or characters before walking in. i have no idea if robert downey jr's tony stark is close to the comics, and i didn't really care for once, because the character was capitvating, smarmy and self-important and yet you want him to succeed, to live, to win. and jeff bridges, generally too nice of a guy to pull off a modern villain, ends up as a solid corporate bad guy. there's a sort of lame half-love-story and a clumsy (but poignant) anti-war thread... but gear heads and gadget nerds will eat it up.

yes, this phone has a dedicated GOOG-411 button. i wanna shake the hand of whoever came up with this idea. bravo, GE.


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