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neurological dryer lint

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fifteen years getting loaded

remember the scene in jurassic park when dennis nedry, played masterfully by wayne knight, is trying to get off the island and loses his way, ending up at the mercy of the acid-spitting dinosaurs? it's one of the most tense moments i've ever seen in a film - just thinking about it gets my blood pressure elevated. spielberg sure knew back then how to get the audience to the edge of their seats...

i've felt that tense most of the day, trying to get prepared to close on the house tomorrow. granted this is way too commonplace of an event in American society for mistakes or incompetence (either on my part or someone else's) to totally derail the whole thing. that's exactly what i am expecting will happen, though - and events are conspiring to bring it to fruition. mortage dude emails me crucial paperwork that he'd forgotten about the night before... i find out i won't know the exact amount i need to bring to the closing until the morning of... you're thinking, these things probably aren't a big deal. true!

nearly every nightmare i've had in the past ten years has looked something like this: i'm in a room or a hallway, usually at a high school or college, and i'm late to a meeting or a class of some kind, and i can't find something i need - a bag, a folder, etc. i am turning over tables, opening drawers and lockers, desperately trying to find whatever crucial thing i am missing. someone is in the room with me urging me to hurry up, and i get more and more frantic.

so apparently, my greatest fear is that i will irreversibly screw up something important by being late to something - or not having some thing very important that i am supposed to have - or not knowing something i am supposed to know, and i will let down people that are important to me. so i expect myself to be a little tense for the next 24 hours until this thing gets done - after all, this event is the most important one of its kind that i have ever faced.

i was very pleased to have a 5-6 week buffer zone between when our offer was accepted and when we closed - it was so this type of crap would get taken care of, by someone else that does it for a living, waaaayy ahead of time, and i wouldn't be able to futz it all up, or have to prepare paperwork so close to the deadline and not know the information i'm supposed to...

prayer has helped a lot to bring calm... driving around the new neighborhood today has also... watching hockey certainly doesn't (does anyone else get really tense watching hockey?) - but it looks really good in HD so i'm doing it anyway...


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Blogger B-Call Says:

good call on last nights hockey game.
i wrote about it this morning.
that game was awesome.

Blogger Darren Says:

I missed the last period, which was amazing apparently, but the game was so much fun to watch. I don't usually care about the regular season, but I love tournament time.

You are making a great decision and now that you are moving to Butler County I'll give you two weeks before you have the wife pregnant. That is how it works up there, sign for a house, get a baby.


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