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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


songs of redemption, songs of war

i'm not sure i have the right look for radio, but i do know tony does, as he already runs a successful podcast. and ryan, duh, homie was born for it. i have suckered these two into a new experiment, monster closet, a podcast about games. shhh! it's still sleeping. hopefully we will record episode one soon. in the meantime, someone make me a better logo, my photoshop skills really butchered this poor mudkip.

i was totally wrong about tim armstrong's solo album a poet's life. i heard into action and kind of yawned because it wasn't another pure rancid or op ivy track. turns out there's nothing wrong with the album, though, its really solid, head-bobbing reggae/dub/ska with tim's heavy, gritty vocals. a bunch of the tracks hearken to early stuff by the specials... very reflective of tim's roots influences, and definitely worth a listen.


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Blogger ryanham Says:

Really looking forward to episode one , should be fun and entertaining.

Blogger B-Call Says:

you've missed the boat here.
you should have named it "Noah's Arcade".

Blogger Tony Says:

if by successful you mean 7 readers a day, then yes, it is successful... this site is looking amazing, when was the redesign?

Blogger B-Call Says:

you want me to come on the show? here's an idea...

let me review the worst games out every few weeks. you guys can pick what look to be the worst 3 out, let me rent them for a week and i'll come on and review.
it'll be torture. you can treat me like an intern.
you can call me "The Whippingboy" or "The Gimp" or something.

Blogger DJ Hotlunch Says:

Better yet, me and Brian review sports games by playing against each other...LIVE! There promises to be yelling, punching and broken controllers!


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