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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


in dischord and rhyme

tagging has come full circle. prepare yourself:

- i've continued to hold the claim that i am the laziest person i know, and moving has illustrated that. i have spent my whole life avoiding hard work - cutting corners, putting forward the least effort possible to get by. i have determined that is why i hate moving - it is way too much lifting, packing, unpacking, etc. and knowing i will have to work that hard seriously stresses me out.

- even though i have spent my whole life sailing, i get more seasick today than i did when i was a kid. and even though i've spent my whole life swimming, i still get uneasy in deep, opaque water, fearing that something i can't see below will bite me. even in simulated environments - in first person shooters, for example, when moving through water areas, i still move very quickly and get nervous.

- one of my favorite film performances is danny devito's penguin from batman returns. most would disagree - but i think he outdoes jack nicholson's joker.

- in the twelve years i have known my wife, i've never heard her swear. although the very thought of her cursing can make me laugh, no matter what mood i'm in, because it's so absurd. she claims to have done it once - but i don't think i believe her.

- i've never smoked as much as a cigarette, weed, any other drugs, and i've always been super curious what it'd be like. not because there's something wrong with my life that i'd like to modify in that way... more because of our culture's fascination with them, i wonder what all the fuss is about. i'm much too chicken to ever give it a shot, though. i think it was that literature you get when you're in middle school about all the crap drugs will do to your body - it freaked me out enough to always steer clear, even though there were probably four or five boy scouts i'm sure were high during every campout we went on. it's probably a good thing that i've stayed "clean", per se, although i never talked about it because i didn't want to seem like too much of a mama's boy. yeah, the boy scout thing didn't help that out much at all.

- my sister has been one of the most significant influences in my musical taste - introducing me to tons of genres and bands i still love today... with one exception - when i was six, a weekend she was down visiting, and she had been listening to madonna's like a virgin, and i was so fascinated... i remember going downstair (yeah) early in the morning, before anyone was up, popping in her tape and listening to it over and over. there may have also been dancing. i have no idea what compelled me to do that. madonna isn't in any of my regular playlists today... however, another album of hers i scavenged, duran duran's rio, certainly is. thanks renee...


for this post

Blogger DJ Hotlunch Says:

Devito's Penguin is second only to Devito's Mini Me in "Austin Pussy" at the end of the last Austin Powers movie.

You know you got a contact buzz from Juan Reiter at that boy scouts campout. And weren't you at 311 with us at Riverbend? Thanks to tornado winds we all got high that knight!

Blogger ryanham Says:

Glad to see you've embraced the fact that you grew up with one stair in your house.

Only took me 12 years to convince you of that fact.

Blogger Darren Says:

I'm sure Danny's performance was great, but I just didn't like that movie enough to watch it more than a few times. I loved Jack as the Joker though.

Lately I've been skeptical about movies however I'm hoping Dark Knight continues to create a new standard for Batman. "Batman Begins" is one of my top 20 all time favorite movies.

True music lovers enjoy all kinds of music. Unless you like Duran Duran (kidding).

You've seen the effects Ripped Fuel had on Brad. And besides, remember Penny said, every Saturday morning before Pee Wee's Playhouse, "Drugs are bad."

I can tell you from getting high on speed that the initial feeling is frickin' sweet, but the drop is painful and lasts way longer than the high. The drop destroys your life. When I stopped taking it I was so down that I couldn't even wake up to go to class. Though I made it through, this drug basically forced me to leave CBC.

Blogger Renee Says:

You're welcome. Rio is still one of my favorite albums. I remember on the way to the boat you asking your mother questions about what the songs on Madonna's "Like a Virgin" meant. LOL!!

As another example of my diversity in music, I had to introduce Sigur Ros's new cd at work as no one could pronounce their name and I had actually been to one of their shows.


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