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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


answers to the tangled knot

we are in the new house... it still doesn't seem like ours yet, i feel like i'm walking through someone else's really awesome empty place. i assume it will when we get our stuff in, or when i finish my first job around the house... renee and her parents have done a crazy good job painting. we'll be fully in sometime the week after next.

i'm discovering the neighborhood. we are pretty far out, which is probably good for me. we're surrounded by a lot of big fields, farms, some newer housing developments, etc... it's peaceful, more quiet than we've had in western hills, ten or fifteen minutes from any major shopping centers. i was too used to having a grocery store next door.

i will miss the nice stuff about stuck-thirty-years-in-the-past western hills, but it's not all lost: there's a little ice cream place down the street, a couple of pizza places, a park right next door... met one of our neighbors already - they are cool, younger like us, with a six year old boy. actually everyone around us seems super friendly. traffic on the way home from the office isn't bad, but it's fastest to take backroads. looks like that motorcycle might actually be reasonable.

we are on episode three of the podcast and i think we're getting more comfortable and into our rhythm. artie has been generous enough to come up with some awesome looking concept art for the site, and i can't wait to see how it will turn out.

the new weezer disc has a higher ratio of woo! to yawn than their past two releases. that pleases me. plus, there's more electronics, a grittier, dirtier guitar (see the first part of the greatest man that ever lived) and far more interesting songwriting from rivers... there's very little "boo hoo i didn't get the girl" from them, probably cause rivers got married. exciting!


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Blogger Simon Says:

Sweet! Good to hear you're in the new place! When's the party? 4th of July at J-dubs?

Blogger ryanham Says:

Episode 4 is up now!


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